Cape Charles Rosenwald School “Voices from Over the Hump”

The Cape Charles Rosenwald School Restoration Initiative conducted an oral history project in 2013 entitled “Voices from Over the Hump – An Oral History of the Cape Charles Elementary School – A Rosenwald School.” The project captured the history of the Cape Charles Elementary School, also known as the Cape Charles Colored School by chronicling the experiences of the alumni and faculty. Students from ODU conducted and transcribed the interviews which are available to the public at the Heritage Center both online and in audio format for borrow.

Bell, Charles October 19, 2013 transcript  |   mp3

‘Bishop’ James Edward Davis Jr. October 26, 2013 transcript   |  mp3

Bland, Richard December 6, 2014 transcript   |  mp3

Brown, Alice- Retired Teacher, November 25, 2014 transcript   |  mp3

Collins, Odelle Johnson, January 22, 2014 transcript

Davis, Diane November 2, 2013 transcript  |   mp3

Dent, Vivian November 15, 2013 transcript

Evans, Valentine, no date, transcript

Foreman, Pauline June 28, 2014 transcript   |  mp3

Godwin, Thomas October 12, 2013 transcript   |  mp3

Grace, Janice no date transcript  |   mp3

Jacobs Family, no date, transcript

Nottingham, John October 13, 2014 transcript   |  mp3

Smaw, Clarance October 26, 2013 transcript  |   mp3