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Native American History Resources at the Heritage Center

Accomac, Onancock, Wachapreague – everyday we encounter place names that remind us...

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African American History on the Eastern Shore

Calvin L. Brickhouse: Committed to Our Community Jazmine Collins During Black History...

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Finding Aids at the Heritage Center, Accomack County Cemetery Finding Aids

Even in the midst of a pandemic, ESPL is able to connect...

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The Eastern Shore of Virginia Heritage Center

Open for business! The Eastern Shore Room, donated in memory of Katharine...

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March 12, 2024

“A Lot Happened on the Virginia Shore During the American Revolution”

Dennis Custis Lecture Hall - 6:30PM Dr. Theodore Corbett, resident of the Virginia Shore and author of seven books on the American Revolution, will give a talk entitled ‘A Lot happened on the Virginia Shore during the American Revolution’. This will be the first in series of talks and events to celebrate the coming 250th anniversary of the American Revolution on the Virginia Shore. The PowerPoint talk and discussion will concentrate on five topics: Stamp Act, Loyalists, African American freedom, Draft Riots, Battle of the Barges.
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Colored Voters Registrar, 1902-1950, Temperanceville

After a year of debate, Virginia passed a new state constitution that...

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The Invaluable Subject Catalog of Kirk Mariner

What does Tom Clancy’s famous novel The Hunt For Red October have...

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Women’s Suffrage in Accomack County

After just over 100 years of women’s suffrage, Heritage Center staff shared...

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